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Liquid nitrogen, almost as fun as a weedburner. That is what we use at work. It is -298 degrees F. average. Very dangerous. Personally I don't see it happening. How are you getting the LN2? Is it in a dewar? Open top or pressurized vessle? Got to remember LN2 will expand as it gass's off. Don't want to trap it. We thermal shock stuff by dunking it in LN2. We chill stuff using a coil of copper and run pressurized liquid through it. A standard dewar is pressurized at 20-25 psi. If you have a cooler you can put a copper line in sidewall, vent on other and inject/bleed liquis into it and rappidly bring down temp. Will try and see if I can get picks of a set up we got going right now. Depends on security classification. Will post tonight is possible.

Side note if you have liquid you can make some awesome icecream. I will see if I can dig up recipe/procedure. Horseplaying with LN2 someone at work put a 2 litre of coke in a ss bucket with cap on. Froze so fast it blew the top off. Imagine coke showered acoustic ceiling, electronic equipment. Also stuck a stick in a bananna and froze it, slammed it on the grouns and it shattered. Real cool until the pieces that went unger equipment started to rot. Makes quick work of a "Borrowed" $5 for a magic trick . Heard of a hot seat? pour a little in the cushion of a coworkers office chair, dust off frost and if they sit down before it totally gass's off and Bam! frozen Nards.
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