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I used to do that precise service in the Norwich, New London area for 16 off site (within 50 miles) or 19 on site.

People will be very happy with you and be sure to take lots of brochures and cards.

Also, and I strongly advise this if you want to grow your business.

I would also set up a raffle. Raffle off a Complimentary MEAL for 6 delivered to their work or business for anyone that registers with a VALID email.

The point is not really to give away a meal but build a data base of emails that you can inform of your whereabouts, prices, specials (awards in your case), and redirects to your bbq blog. Your first email should be, after you feed and inform the winner, an email announcing who won the free dinner. Make sure you have pictures to post in the email... video links would be a big plus (you already have a presence on youtube.)

People will always remember u wrote them and may save your e mail (plus you will write them again), they may bookmark your blog, or site, or youtube channel.

Never show up with good vittles unless properly prepared to be able to somehow contact the people who have been impressed with your food.
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