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“The Shake”
(Popdaddy’s Personal Pork Shoulder)
This Dance was made out of Necessity when One day I had to cook for a Rotary Dinner and Had Limited Fuel, not enough money for loin, Limited Time, but I had only one chance to really knock their socks off and had to feed 40 of them. I thought of this little trick and have kept my hat on about it Until I could present it in a Video that did it Justice. As Near as I know, no one has recorded it. I am not saying they haven’t done it, just never caused a fuss over it. I love this dish, its easy, it’s a quick smoke, It controls portions, and is a bit more elegant than a plop of pulled pork. Please, no arguments that its not as good as Pulled Pork…

Only Atomic Funk Dawgs Will Understand This

George Clinton once talked about recording with Prince and said he would lay a track down, pee on it, mail it to Prince and ask him to pee on it and send it back. They would take their turns peein’ on it ‘til the joint was all funked up 4 release. They made something special.

What to do with it

Well, I want EVERYONE to take this little Gem, Popdaddy’s “Shake” (A Personal Pork Shoulder), foil it, broil it, grill it and braise it, inject it, gravy it, slather it do whatever and get y’all piece in after you try the basic recipe.

It is Great also to feed your crew at that 5 hour mark.

I served it with a VERY candied (4 hours) Jack Daniels Yam, Wilted Fresh Spinach with Nutmeg, and Cole Slaw. Hit me Fred goes on top.

How to Dance

Debone a Pork Butt and cut into fist size chunks.

Glitter it up and Smoke it fat down first at least above 275... real good for pits where your heat is down. Adjust time for temp of course.

Pull it about an hour and lay fat up on a bed of onions and a LITTLE liquid of your choice. The Pork and Onions make a lot of Juice on their own.

Pan it, Foil it however you want. I have even done Individual wrappings I could pass to Potentates during the smoke to take with them.

At about 2 hours pull, plop on a plate, top with the onions and Hit Me Fred sauce.

And Now The Video

Click Up There

or copy and paste this in your browzer
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