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Originally Posted by trohrs123 View Post
With that being said, some threads in the competiton section that ask for people to judge their turn box have gotten suggestions like, " the burnt ends arent facing in all the same direction", etc
Based on the criteria stated above, I am not so sure that if the burnt ends are all facing the same way, it makes the judge want to "dive into the box and go to town" on the meat.
Considering I made a statement like this on Diva Q's Brisket Turn-in post, maybe I need to clarify a little more. There was nothing wrong with that box that would make me give it anything less than a 9 in the 4-5 seconds that I first looked at it. It was very appealing to me and if it was actually presented to me at a comp, I would look forward to tasting it. And yes, when people ask me to judge their box, I do click on it and give it a once over the first time, make a judgment and then go back and look at it in detail. A little strange but it's the only way to judge it just like I would at a comp. I didn't notice the symmetry of the burnt ends the first time but when I studied the pic later, I saw it.

Now when I made that comment, I prefaced it with "If I HAD to find something wrong...." It was not meant as anything other than constructive criticism. While I didn't catch it the first time around (even if I had, I seriously doubt it would have affected my scoring), someone else may have caught it on that initial glance. And even if the overall appearance made them want to go to town on the box, if they were a stickler for details, it may have made them have to debate between a 9 or an 8. This is why a lot of folks here go back and really critique turn in boxes posted here to help catch little glitches like that. This way things are addressed so that the judge who is a stickler for details doesn't have to debate.

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