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Originally Posted by tony76248 View Post
Since it wouldn't be my comp pit, I wouldn't mind having to load the coals. How efficient is it other than that? How many bags of charcoal would I need per 12 hour cook?

I did see they have an insulated model which I bet will provide longer stable cooks on less fuel.

Do you use a stoker or Guru with the one you have?

I also talked with one of the local distributors and he has floated me a fair price on a new backyar bonanza and a very good price on a used trailer mount bonanza.
Dave can jump in here... as I think he has done alot of heavy use in his... I use one as you mention all the time...

You can actually make the kingfisher pretty efficient with a charcoal basket...
I think Paul (Pickled Pig) has his for sale here on the brethren... His is heavily modded with cool stuff like burners, and grill up front, etc. It would be the ideal self contained cater rig IMHO for a 4 tray. sells the Kingfishers, and I believe several folks here can speak to his customer service level. I'll refrain, as I'm biased, he is a good friend and has given me the shirt off his back more than once.

He offers a discount to Brethren so you might check him out. PM me if you want his cell #, or I believe his 800# is on the webpage.

It will work fine with a guru... we actually took a double walled commercial (CK) and roped the firebox doors, and mounted a guru port on the front air inlet. She purred like a kitten... but if you get it too hot, it takes forever to get it back down to operating range (on the dbl walled model).

You can add a second shelf to these racks and double your brisket capacity... you can add standing rib racks, and get 30+ slabs in a cook... they are very versatile cookers.
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