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Well, I'm not sure if you would consider it advice, but I can give you an example of how we have handled high-volume vending events. We have five lines approaching our counters. Each line is served by a team of an order taker/cashier and a sandwich maker. Each cashier has a cashbox and a cooler full of drinks. Each sandwich maker has three wells in front of him with pork, brisket, burnt endz, home made sausage and pulled chicken. One person works the cooker and breaks down meat. The five service teams are supported by 3 runners supplying meat, drinks and rolls as needed as well as refilling sauce bottles and napkins. We have pushed out 2,400 sammies in 4 hours. Target is 6 ounces but they drift high. That translates to about 900 lbs pork, 500 lbs brisket and about 400 lbs of the other stuff combined.

We also usually put three butts in a 4 inch pan. Sometimes four if they are small. I hope you find this helpful.
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