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Hi guys,
newby to the bretheren here.Been reading the thread for days now and I'm pumped!After scrounging around for awhile I bought a reconditioned drum [burned out and sprayed i\s with steel shot] with removeable top and two bungs.
Last night I drilled 3 holes for the 3-3\4 nipples; one with ball valve,sprayed her i\s with veg oil, loaded a ssbbq veggi wok thing full of kingsford 4" up from the bottom and lit er up.After a bit of experimenting with caps and valves I got it cruising @ 225 for 5 hours before losing temp.Coals were ashed over and could've used a giggle.I'm so impressed!I now have to source out some expanded steel for a real charcole basket and rig up some bolts to support my rack.I want to get cooking soon, my brother's 50 is Friday and I'm thinkin pork!

thank so much for all the great ideas;this forum rocks!

Rockyathabaska you guys figure I could use a longer exhaust tube and bring my new uds inside to heat my igloo?I'll post pics when I learn how to.
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