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somebody shut me the fark up.
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Originally Posted by Divemaster View Post
While I would tend to agree with you, I can also see getting a quick glance at a box and thinking that it was put together quickly and without the attention to detail... What other details did they miss when cooking the brisket?
Originally Posted by Lakeside Smoker View Post
Your assuming they cooked the brisket wrong because the parsley wasn't neat? That's a new one.
What I was trying to get across is that a lack of attention to detail in one area often leads to a lack of attention to detail in another.

If a box looks like the meat an garnish were just tossed in, then yes, I'm not going to score it well on appearance, and I'm going to be more critical when it comes to taste and tenderness. Like it or not, we do "eat with our eyes".

I'm not saying that a single piece of parsley out of place is going to make me knock off points left and right... What I'm saying is that a well put together box is going to make me want to score it higher... Like it or not, that's the way it is...

Originally Posted by watertowerbbq View Post
This is the kind of thinking that drives me nuts. Why do you assume that they missed something when cooking their brisket? Don't insert you own set of rules when judging. It's not fair and it's not allowed.
These are not "my rules"... This is what I was taught in my CBJ class... If it makes you want to jump in and grab a piece of meat, score it higher, if not, score it lower...

Originally Posted by watertowerbbq View Post
I was judginig a couple of years ago at the BarbeQlossal in Des Moines. One of the judges at the table downrated a pork entry because the box only had pulled pork in it. She said if they wanted a higher score they had to put in sliced pork in her opinion. WTF?
She was wrong... Plain and simple... What does that have to do with garnish?

Originally Posted by watertowerbbq View Post
Don't assume because the garnish is not up to your standards that there is something wrong with the meat. Just judge the meat on it's merit.
If it looks good to you and not to me, who is right? Who's "Standards" should be imposed?

Again, I didn't say that there was any thing wrong with the meat... Again, it's the attention to detail...

If a box looks good, well put together, scoring it up is easier... There's an anticipation to trying the meat and because of that I'll be more open to the flavors put before me.

If a box looks like crap, it's going to take more for me to score it up and to be honest, in the back of my mind I'm going to be thinking, "They didn't care about presentation, what else didn't they care about?"

If presentation didn't matter, why do we score on appearance?
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