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Originally Posted by bbqbull View Post
Not to start problems here, just 2 quick questions for ya.

#1 Can you use an electric smoker?

#2 Can you use country style ribs or must they be in a rack form?
Sheesh! those are good questions though.

You can definitely use an electric smoker. The only stipulation is that the food must be either grilled or smoked, fuel source is not specified.

The second one is the REALLY good question. Seeing as how this was not specified, I could say yes for some, no for others. Allow me to explain.

Some pork Country Style Ribs are cut from the Shoulder (Butt). I usually see them labeled here as Shoulder Cut Country Style ribs. I would not consider these ribs since they are actually from the shoulder and not from the "ribs". However, other pork Country Style Ribs come from the Rib end of the Loin, and I would say these qualify as "ribs" based on where they are cut from.

Beef Country Style Ribs are from the chuck and are cut from the Chuck, which would not be "ribs" at all.

I would have to say that due to the confusion, it will be best if Country Style Ribs are NOT allowed. Due to many beef ribs only being available in single-bone form, I would say that being in rack form is not required, but bones are required as evidence as of them actually being ribs.

That's my final decision. Thank you for asking. It is best this gets resolved early.
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