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Talking Weekend Cook- Homemade Brats, brisket, chix with lots of Pron!!

This weekend, my buddy "BuTTs-N- GuTTs", came over and we cooked up a couple of things, First on the menu was homemade brats. We started out with a Uncle Buck's Package, from the local Bass Pro shop.

Used about 13#'s of ground pork butt and 2.5#'s pork fat, into the mix with the seasoning and a little green onion, to make it my own. Let the meat sit over night, in the ice box.

Soaked the casings in the morning about 1 hour prior to stuffing...

Had to use the old 3# stuffer, after trying to using my Kitchen Aid Mixer, with the grinder and sausage attachment. It was just to slow and not doing the job. The stuffer was just a bit better, but seriously has planted the idea of upgrading to a better stuffer, if I continue to make more sausage.

These were the first couple of links...

The finished links....

The remaining mix went to 3 patties, on the cast iron skillet with canola oil, to taste the seasoning and it was very good.
Threw some links on the UDS, with apple wood chips...

Also did a 6# flat injected with BBQBUTCHER'S Marinade, I know, I know, I scored too deep!

Brisket on the UDS...

And got 24 drumsticks, on the Weber pushed the coals to one side and put them on the cool new racks that everyone is using, on this forum.

Invited a few of the neighbors, about 12 people, had some ice cold beer, brats, brisket, chicken, hot dogs and burgers. Did I mention, my neighbors love me?
No finished product pics, cause the crowd was hungry and the cooks were too busy serving up the the food, that no one thought of taking pics at the end. What can I say? It partially happened....
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