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Originally Posted by BBQchef33 View Post
Brewmaster. I have to ask. Did u carpet that? Arent you concerned about wrecking the carpet, odors, etc? After a contest, the floor in my trailer is covered with sauces, blood, grease, smutz, mud, grass, etc.. I sweep it out many times a day and it still geets wrecked over a weekend.
I see what your saying about the mess, but I used a buddy's RV last year for three contests and all we had to do was vacuum when the contest was over. The mess was not too bad. If I do get a bad stain, I can always pull up that tile and put another one down.

Since I trim all my meats at home, really the only other thing I plan on doing inside the trailer is putting boxes together and staying out of the weather if its raining or extremely hot. I will also be putting an area rug down between the beds and the front table.

I don't plan on spending too much time in there other than sleeping. I plan on a lot of beer drinking going on outside the trailer.

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