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Default **First Cook Impressions**

Tried it in the drum this afternoon with some Apple chunks for smoke.

First impression: Took a bit longer than the other "natural" charcoals (I'd say about the same as Rancher) to get up to temp, and it had a real strong smell at the start. Laren (Hog-Que-Holic) can attest to this, but he felt it was crud burning off the charcoal basket. When the drum hit @225* it was burning nice and clean and I added the Apple chunks and it did have a nice sweet aroma to it. Cooked 2 Turkey Breasts and 2 soaked Corned Beef Points for Pastrami.

So- the temps held rock steady for 8+ hours but it burns faster than the others. No "flying ash" from the fats dripping on the coals like Rancher. I only used one bag (8lbs) and will probably have to finish the points in the oven if they don't smash through their plateau soon. The turkey was fantastic! I think I'm going to like this in the drum, but will need to use more next time.
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