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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Originally Posted by BBQchef33 View Post
when u figure that one out.. let ME know.

lat pastrami I made was so salty it cured by stomach lining.
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I'm with Poobah. I have no clue how to make real pastrami. I am, however, soaking a store bought corned beef now to remove some of the salt and hope to smoke it tomorrow.
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I soaked it for 2 full days plus some, changed the water 5-6 times a day, and it was still way to salty. I have about half left(gave the other half to the MIL) im going to steam it tomorrow to see if it kills some of the saltiness.
Originally Posted by BBQchef33 View Post
Willie says to keep trying different brands. some are worse(saltier) than others. He found one that worked right out of the wrapper.. have to ask him which one it was. Also, several articles I read said to steam it to 200 after smoking to 165. That may get rid of some of the salt too.

The quest for a good pastrami is a long one because like Phil mentioned, the threshold for saltiness is way different from one person to the next. Finding the right brand of corned beef, and working with the soak time you prefer is necessary to reproduce the quality you like. Lastly, both the smoking technique and the finish method need to be dialed in. The finish is what's important....and there are several ways to finish it off.

For the ultimate control over the whole method, another thing to consider is corning your own (and you don't have to use brisket, chuck works good) beef from scratch, and Dave Stamper's technique is a great one. Click HERE. I still use a soak out and rest following the cure, but for a baseline do one following his technique before doing any personal adjustments.

Anyways, using store bought corned beef, I like the Grobbel's brand of corned beef (my Sam's carries it), a 24 to 30 hour soak out (changing the water a few times) an overnight rest in the fridge, a smoke until the internal is 150°. A 20 minute pressure finish is my current favorite..(it takes the internal up to 200°, but keeps it super moist and tender)


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