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LOL That Stevie man he can drum! That's whats happening on that brisket in the foil... stevie's beat the hell outta it LOL

Originally Posted by JD McGee View Post
I was kina hopin' this...

This dance is for:
  • Those that have heard about “feel” but can’t go to the meccas to try it themselves, thereby leaving in the dark as to what TENDERNESS is.
  • those who are willing to follow simple instructions.
  • Those that realize sometimes it is easier to dial something back a bit than start from scratch.
  • Those that understand that sometimes great things can be learned by going way off tangent then back to center.
  • Someone that realizes that sometimes in order to teach someone something that is out of a region or far away and over the internet we must sometimes be precise in our experiments even if at first it makes no sense as to its legitimate application. what it was supposed to be all I'm all confused... But that's brisket is much better regardless of whether or not I get the true meaning of the thread!
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