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I thought that i should add a little more evidence to this case : barbefunkoramaque vs Texas brisket
I was invited to experience the Taste and the Texture of Texas Brisket without leaving the confines of my homeland or even the kitchen. I would not be required to travel and leave family or friends on the pursuit of brisket. My bank account or lack of one would not be harmed. And I could experience Texas Brisket at home.
A fools dream.
But i accepted the challenge, blindly.
I now stand and report my findings.
Well maybe a brief bit of my story. I was born in a small town on the wrong side of the tracks, where only the privileged owned bbq pits and could afford the meat that goes on them. I was taught that the hibachi was the same thing but I knew different. I could see the smoke rise above the tracks. I could inhale as it flowed towards our shack, but i couldn't taste the meat. I longed for the day when i would be invited to partake. To be able to experience, creosote-free meat that was my dream. To taste, to feel, that is what i lived for.
Time passed. Girlfriends, Wives, Sons but the yearning was always there...
Time forward to a few days ago...
The opportunity arrived to experience brisket. I accepted the challenge and now I know... the feel of brisket
... the taste of brisket
... the texture of brisket
... the flavor of brisket
... the snap of a brisket
This new evidence or the the case against it doesnt provide me with what bbq is. Rather it tells me the direction, South-SouthWest, and points me toward my dream...
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