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I have been satisfied with briskets done either way... LOL personally, to use a GREAT plowboy term one can be schizophrenic about it. I personally flip merely to reseason, which give it more taste I thing ON MY SMOKER!!!! on your's it may differ.

the truth be told, the benefits from the fat cap as a PROTECTOR of the meat from aggresive heat is equal to that as its role as a baster. In addition, upside down, the meat stops the fat and acts like a marrier to juices and fat anyway so it Puddles up when upside down.

we have discussed that before though. hell, vencil mares says, it don't matter as long as you don't move it due to flow of seasonings. LOL I break that rule too. Maybe I shouldn't.

Originally Posted by Cliff H. View Post
There are plenty of people who believe that if the fat cap is up, the juice will gravity feed itself thru the brisket. Therfore keeping it moist.

I think it makes more sense that the juice only goes one way. OUT. This is how the self basting effect works. Fat is breaking down and running off of or out of the brisket.

Are we in agreement ?
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