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Originally Posted by srotkowitz View Post
I have read through the posts. Wow. I am ready to build my first drum.

I have a 55 sealed drum for $20 and also p/u a Weber for $20. I am going to cut off the top of the sealed drum with either a chisel or jig saw. I have a couple of questions which may have been answered. But after all these pages its hard to remember exactly what all the advice was.

1. Is there a better way to remove the lid other then a chisel or Jig saw that does not involve buying a special tool (i.e. lid cutter)?

2. The drum had 5-30 weight oil in It. Should I remove the lid and do a cleaning burn or wait till after I have completed construction?

3. As far as seasoning should I burn, clean then apply pam or some other oil?

4. After the burn off what is the best way to clean/remove the residual crud from inside the barrel?

5. I have seen a few Weber lids. Some are directly on the grill. Others have cut the bottom lip off of the Weber base and placed it in side the grill. Is there a problem with placing directly on the drum? I seem to get a pretty tight fit. Maybe to tight. I do not know/believe it is air tight all the way around.

6. If I go with the bottom base of the Weber and cut it off (may be two inches total), how do you attach it to the drum when you place it inside? Is there an issue with air leakage? I saw some pictures of a members grill that used a Weber top and it leaked all over the outside of the drum because he did not have a good seal.

Thanks for all your help. It is an impressive collection of knowledge.
a good jig saw and a quality blade such as 18 tooth per inch will make a very clean cut, maybe no grinding!
sounds like your lid is what everyone is looking for! Your not gonna be removing it very often once you learn to control it and trust it.
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