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Originally Posted by SlickRat View Post
Oh man, I was going to enter this one, but I need my Weber Genesis NG. Guess I'll have to observe instead.
You can still enter. That 1st rule may be confusing. Allow me to clarify it a bit.

Every week the rule "The item must be grilled or smoked" has been there, and would always be there unless the percon who chose the category made a special request to change that rule. In this week Nature boy did not request any change to that rule. So you can still submit any grilled or smoked items the same as any other week, even if the grill is gas powered.

I added the Fire Roasted part so that in case someone wanted to do a spit roasted whole lamb then they could. I felt it was necessary to limit this fire roasting to wood and/or charcoal based fires though. This was my call to add this rule based on the possibilities offered by this particular category, which I reserve the right to do any week, similar to how I allowed Oven baking for Pizza week so long as at least one ingredient on the Pizza had been grilled or smoked.

I hope this clarifies that position. I probably shoudl have added Fire Roasted as a seperate optional rule to follow instead of grouping it with #1, but thought I had worded it OK. Apparently not.
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