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Exactly. A Mistake all of us have made and might make. I left a highly successful BBQ competition team when I moved from Texas long ago to Tennesee. In the early 90's I was lost... no competitions even had Brisket round here. But I had a background in Kreuz, Angelos, even Walter Jetton Family. But what did I do... in my zeal to try and make my own path I ended up lost. I am about to cook 30 Briskets for an organization. It is STILL hard to forgo my Butt Glitter Sprinkle for ego's sake. But every time I reduce the complexity and stick within that salt and pepper range (plus I am hot and fast) everyone thinks I have done something special. And really I haven't... or have I?

So in essence... even those that understand the Funk, or George Jones can end up lost by tweaking too much.

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Another thought in reflecting on your metaphor is that tweaking has only destroyed BBQ and Music by those who don't understand where the roots are and where they are taking their art. The evil is not the act of tweaking itself, but in its wreck less use.
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