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I have ranted, bitched and moaned about how I felt brisket had gotten away from itself in competitions as more and more competitions started. I have receive some conmsternation due to my style and methods of getting it across.

Well I will say this.... this simple style.... this old school style that was a throw back to the days when only texans did briskets in competitions (or the neighboring states) well....


I told Bigmista this once a while ago. Its 1982 and the Funky Sound was high in Hornz... you know... seawind horns with Micheal Jackson and the Off the Wall Album, Earth Wind and Fire, all them cats... along comes PRINCE... all the sounds of hornz are replaced by SYNTHS.... he made that sound and Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, Janet Jackson all copied that sound....People ate 1999 Album era up. When he was recording When Doves Cry Agents of Warner Brother's said... you got to have a strong bassline in Black Radio. He NIXED the bass in the entire song......... BAMN Platinum!

Then when that got tired he switched to live hornz.... Sexy MF, Willing and Able, Samples even in Gett Off were hornz.

fast forward... today... all we get is prepackaged pop of people that can't even sang and hip hop with a techno sound (stealing from Prince's old licks)

Along comes Prince with a new Band, Horns and all, once again as funky but short of synths. 2004 he had the biggest grossing tour that year, even beat out Madona at around 95 million. In 2008 he played 21 Nights in London's O2 Arena, selling out 20,000 tickets each night in the same damn town. Best selling tour with NO RADIO HITS making the entire Recording Industry Irrelevant in one full swoop.

And if you think my logic only applies to the funk... what do you think Garth Brooks is gonna do when he is good and ready?

So... back to BBQ. Judges do get tired of tasting the same thing over and over, EVEN IF ITS PERFECT LOLOLOLOL, but now that so much about the brisket has been OVERTWEAKED for them.... the old basic Funk, that James Brown Vibe, Ray Charles, Jackie Wilson will seem like its pushing the envelope.

Originally Posted by BBQchef33 View Post
that was the topic at tonights dinner. I was pressing the issue as to how this would do in comps. My wife being the harshest critic, has been 100% accurate when she chooses which entry to turn. She gave it a 9,9. In the past 2 years EVERY time she said "USE THAT ONE", it has won. We did not rate appearance. keep in mind, it was also a reheat.

So to answer your quetions.. absolutly.. But i dont think the intent of this thred is to produce competition quality.. What I took out of this thread, is that sometimes basics is better and after years of tweaking, I have been overthinking/overestimating my product.

that being said, IMO, It WAS a competition quality brisket flavor wise. My son gave it an 8, my wife and daughter two 9's. I would go with 8 in taste and 9 in T&T. But i did NOT dress it and I think a minute in the au-jus, or some contest TLC, would give it the enhancment it needed for me to go to a 9. Last night, while eating it at 3AM, and unable to stop, i think it would have been perfect. It was 3AM though. :)
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