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We (big range bbq) heard so many good things about bigmista, that we had to go see what it was all about...we had tasted his stuff before last year in Hesperia, but had to see what his setup was like at the farmers market Since this is what is consuming our lives right now...We are preparing for the same road.
So, we woke up this morning threw our kids in the car and drove about 80 miles to Meet the Mista and The MrsMista......We introduced ourselves, and ordered away...we ordered the BIGMISTA! This was plenty of food for the four of us....and I think people were even looking at us funny, as we devoured some really great BBQ that someone else had cooked for us! IT was fabulous, and what a warm, and wonderful bunch of people. They made us feel right at home, and showed us the ropes of how a well run booth is run at the market. We are so glad we decided to drive the 160 miles (round trip) It was a beautiful Southern California Day, and even better when we got to eat some great BBQ, and meet some even better brethren...
Thank you Mr and Mrs Mista! We wish you nothing but success, and keep your fingers crossed for us too! P.S. Our son who is a red velvet afficianado, said it was one of the keep the red velvet coming...

After looking around on here tonight, I think we probably posted in the wrong we are new to this posting thing...:)
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