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Originally Posted by HOG-QUE-HOLIC View Post
JD, that bigger needle looks like the one to use, I have only one size and is a pain to get thicker juice through it, what brand is that ? Thinking of getting a pump unit, have to search this site, hope youre Brisky comes out perfect ! did you use a good select or choice ?
Originally Posted by smoke-n-my-i's View Post
Still waiting.... no pics, didn't happen.

The injector looks like it has two sizes of needles... a larger one for lumpier (is that a word) or the smaller one for liquid..... just my thoughts on that...

OK, still waiting some more.... what time do we eat?
edit - oop's, I see you already posted the info JD

The injector came from bed bath and beyond see post 4 of this thread

I have one just like it and love it. I use the small needle on mine with the Butcher injection.

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