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Originally Posted by chinesebob View Post
I got my 85 as some of you saw with Bubba. I drilled my 1 1/4" holes for my 1" nipples and low and behold the holes are too big. My first question is - how do I fill the gap? I thought about putting two mounting pieces and screwing them together through the side of the drum.

Next question - if you had a choice of drilling a 3" hole for a big stack, a 1 1/2 hole for a smaller stack or 8 small holes for exhaust - which would you choose?

Bob I don't see a problem with using the conduit nuts on the inside but if you really don't want to do that than get some 16 gauge metal and if you have a 1'' hole saw cut a hole and then trim the outside edge to about 2''. Bend the corners up so you have something to hold on to and screw it on the pipe. It may take a little effort at first but it will work, mite put a drop or two of vegy oil on to make it a little easier.

I have done this many times when I don't have a nut to back something up. I also put some automotive red gasket sealer around the outside to stop any air leaks, if you take your time it can look good but I always get in a hurry and get a little messy. The red sealer will not hold paint very good is about the only downside I can see with it.

If the pic shows up you can see that I have used a 2'' nipple and it works just tits hehehe. When I get my welder set up the way I want, with gas and smaller wire I am hoping to be able to weld it instead but thats down the road a bit.

A 2'' exhaust should be good.
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