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Originally Posted by chinesebob View Post
I got my 85 as some of you saw with Bubba. I drilled my 1 1/4" holes for my 1" nipples and low and behold the holes are too big. My first question is - how do I fill the gap? I thought about putting two mounting pieces and screwing them together through the side of the drum.

Next question - if you had a choice of drilling a 3" hole for a big stack, a 1 1/2 hole for a smaller stack or 8 small holes for exhaust - which would you choose?
Can't resist asking what you were drinking when you drilled 1 1/4" holes for 1" nipples????????
Either patch the holes, use (I think) JD McGee's method of a sliding cover or buy a new drum.
For the exhaust, I think I would go with the 8 holes unless you are in a situation like me where you need to exhaust the smoke out. If you want one big exhaust I would stick to 2" x 4" black pipe attached by 2" conduit nuts in the center of the lid.

And don't drill the exhaust holes if you have been drinking.
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