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barbefunkoramaque in post #116 said;
I appreciate the good (funky) people that understand that this was a discourse on salt and its role and I appreciate their input. Would I have gotten a better smoke ring after 12 years of BBQing hot and fast if I simply told Thirdeye when he was preaching that there was OTHER WAYS or that I'll just keep doing what it do? No... I listened, knocked my temp down for an hour or too and have a better product I think.

I was trying to learn more about Q from this thread and your discourse on salt. My problem is I did not understand your terminology and when I ask what things meant and measurements did not get IMHO reasonable answers. I tried to listen but got no help, I did not know at the time that I was supposed to already know everything funky. I did not know that your videos only contain partial how-to do things. I guess you don't want input or discussions with people that are not IYO funky. And you seem to not want them to learn to be funky.

Other topics arose in this thread. Since this was my thread and don't mind hijacking (because its fun) I thought I'd pick up some information here and there. It's all for the good of BBQ.

I thought I might pick up some info also.

Several people have enough brains to also know when I am kidding or being silly (which is most of the time) about preaching tradition (as long as you have a stoker and web based temp control or BBQ Guru backup) or about freezing anyone who thinks differently in liquid nitrogen. Lets make it clear to those that just don't get it... my silly rants about style and technique and inflexibility are parodies of people that rant about ONE style ONE technique and are inflexible.

See now you get insulting, IMHO. You probably think that comment is funny but is it really? Your telling me I am stupid because I don't see when you are kidding and when you are not. Brains don't have anything to do with knowing whether or not you are kidding. I don't recall ranting about ONE style or being inflexible. I am just a backyard Q guy trying to learn how to cook and what tastes good.

Still there are the Little Nellies that got to get their piece in but offer nothing in the DISCUSSION. And I understand you may not want to offer commentary because you can't understand what I am saying. I know that in advance.
And how is one supposed to understand what your saying if you just rag on them???? Yes I have found the ITI button on the tool bar, but just have not used it yet. Let's see is that funny or not????
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