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Wow. Finally made it through the entire thread. I've been plannig on building a Big Baby Double Barrel Smoker (and making it a triple), but due to time and mostly $$$, I decided to build one of these instead. I started my UDS last weekend and finished it up Tuesday night. Virgin cook last night, ABT's and 3 chickens. My dad was amazed on how well it turned out. I'm doing butt's this weekend. Can hardly wait. With that being said, I still have a few things to fine tune. I'm not happy with temp control. I hade a hard time last night keeping it below 290-300. I think it's my lid. It warped when I hit with the weed burner. Any suggestions for straightening that back out? I still have the ring that came with it, maybe just put that back on and clamp it down? Many thanks to all the great ideas! Norcoredneck and Smokin Gator : I used your guides, what an awesome reference to have in the garage while I was building it. I went with 3 3/4" nipples with a ball valve on 1. I cannablized an old CharBroil charcoal smoker I had laying around (btw, don't ever by one of those.. junk) for various parts like the handles and the grate mounts. I ended up using the two flimsy 16" grates for the charcoal basket, I bolted them together. I'm going to build a lid like Barbarian has on his UDS, just need to find a few more parts. Here's a few pic's:

Here's a link to my album with all the other build picture's I took:

Thanks again! I'll post more pic's when I build my new lid. Oh, do I get a badge or something for reading the entire friggin thread?
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