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Originally Posted by HogBack Mtn Comp BBQ Team View Post
Bill thank you for that information, that was exactly what I was looking for, one question though are your figures above based on one plate per person? Are you charging for a plate per person or what if half of them eat 2 plate or even three?
They are based on 1 "serving" per person - that could be a plate. However, it should be a decent serving whether it's chicken, brisket or burgers and dogs.
I based that on 80 sammies for 50 people. That's 1.5 per person. Woman and kids will probably eat 1, men will eat 2. When you cater, you need to spell out to the customer what they are getting. That's why you need to know your cost up front and the portion for each serving.
In the case above, tell the customer they are getting enough for 1.5 sammies, 2 sides (probably a little more), and drinks ( I forgot the desert ) per person. If the customer thinks they need more food per person, then they would need to order for more people. So, they may say I want food for 60 to get the extra meat and sides even though they are serving 50. You then charge them your per person rate for 60. Another option would be to sell them extra meat for ~ $10/lb plus buns at xx each.
There are books available on how to vend and set-up catering gigs. They will explain the pros and cons of big rigs vs tents vs trailers; pricing, setting up your business (when you get to that stage - 1 day HD permits are fine for now) The links provided in this thread are very good. Read through those. Keep searching for information and take it all in before you get too far. Everybodys situation is a little different depending on where you are and what the market is. I'm not sure whee you are in VA, but if your in the country, you can't get the same kind of price you do in the city or suburbs.
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