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I built this thing while reading a few pages at a time of this thread before I joined.The more I read, the more I realized early mistakes, such as using the bottom piece of the bb-q pro grill. For a grill, it is probably great. There is just too much air gaps where the ash can slides in. NOT a tight fit. When I read about what little air intake was required I knew that the bottom spelled trouble.
I then thought I would re-invent the wheel. I cut a hole in what used to be the lid, which is the bottom now, that the base of my electric brinkman would tightly fit into. now that gave me the choice of electric or charcoal. Plus this give me the capacity of not just 2 but 4 grate levels by placing the body without the lid to the brinkman inside my UDS! This look great, and I had a lot of confidence that it would work like a dream. NO GO! It would not get past 175 degrees. After the failure I just fired up my charcoal starter and poured 1 load on top of a bottom of unlit coals with 2 pecan logs. GO GO GO! This worked perfect and put a smile on my face as I was able to control the temp so easy with quick results.
My legs for the UDS were made from two pieces of scrap flat metal that I had laying in my shop. I just cut them in half which made me 4- 20 inch pieces to use for legs. After I remove the BB-Q pro bottom and installed the brinkman base, I cut 7 inches off of the legs which lowered them to a very likable height. For intake, I am only using the hole that came with the brinkman for the electric eye slides through. I have been plugging it with foil as needed, but will use a refrigerator magnet next time per someone else's idea that I recently read about.
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