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The number one thing a sponsor should recieve is results. They need to see increased exposure to their target market through a relationship with you.

It helps if you have a winning track record to show them. The more you cook and the more you will win, the more attention you will gain - and exposure for your team will follow, meaning product retention from consumers for the product you represent. It's not an overnight process.

Now if you are looking for a "one off" like getting free meat or beer for a single local contest, a few slabs of ribs or your contest left overs might work. But these are really two different things.

I think you will find the majority of teams competing who have established consistant yearly sponsorhips, really only recieve a product or two like rub, sauce, cooker fuel (pellets/charcoal). They probably still pay the majority of their competition costs out of their own pockets.
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