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Default Yet another UDS is born

After researching the mega-thread and reading multiple threads on UDS construction, I picked up a drum locally at a drum recycling center, had a friend cut the top out and weld the nipples for me, and then the rest was up to me and my hubby.

We got down to business this last Saturday with a weed burner - when that didn't prove to work as fast as we hoped, we piled some oak splits in the barrel and burned it out. We hit the top third of the drum with the weed burner as the oak crackled and took care of the bottom 2/3.

Sunday morning, we wire brushed the inside and out, I painted it and got it ready to season. Just doing the intital burn/seasoning taught me a lot... we'll christen it with pork fat this coming Sunday... a few fatties and some MOINKS. Sunday we'll put on ribs and maybe a butt or two.

Here's a few pics:

- UDS v1.0, ECB, Blue Thermapen
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