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Originally Posted by Brew-B-Q View Post
I guess what I'm getting as is whether two cylinders of equal volume would burn differently based on the diameter and height.

For example, an 18" diameter, 4" tall basket would have roughly the same volume as one that is 13" in diameter and 7.5" tall.

My gut tells me the smallder diameter chamber would burn longer, but I have no real data to support it.
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Honestly someone will chime in that can deal out the brain energy but my $2 says it doesn't really matter if you are using the minion method and controlling the air volume. The overall volume of the cylinder would only matter in this case if you were burning the entire thing/flat out and that's not something you would want while smoking as temps would be too high. Now I could be as wrong as two left shoes so hang on for a better reply. :)

What you are shooting for is a slow wide burn for several reasons though. One bad thing about a tall narrow basket is that if the food drips a lot it will put out your coals. Another thing is you can spread out your smoke wood so it starts at different times during the cook giving layers rather than one solid hit.

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