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Originally Posted by HeSmellsLikeSmoke View Post
Donnie, I don't know if you have said this before on some other thread, but when you were at Kreuz's did you see the salt to pepper ratio in their rub that they use on their brisket?

The bottle that they have on the table that they call their rub was over 95 percent salt as far as I could see. Had a bit of yellow, that i assumed was garlic and some red which was prolly cayenne. But it was coarse salt, first and foremost.

I have often wondered if that is their actual meat rub, or just for the tourists at the table.
When I was at Kreuz they were at smittys. Salt pepper and red pepper. what they have in the jars on the table does not remind me of what they had then. and then there was nothing on the tables.
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