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CCM coffee cup measure in those ranges doesn't make a difference when you are making that quantity. Now if y'all want a laugh I lost my CCM when I moved and had to make some of this stuff and freaked until I realized that its doesn't matter. By the way... its not a cup in any form... helps me measure out the ounces.

I would say follow the major order as thinner liquids break down the spices better.

That being said I hunted through my Funkotroium Boxes and found my Coffee Cup Measure and tested it... its 2 fluid ounces.

Anyway... get the major balances in the family stone and fred westly and bigger stuff then put your signature on it with your favorite rub and just estimate what you see me do.

Smoky stuff is my version of Montreal Seasoning (which depending on cost I just buy or make)

NOW LISTEN!!!! If you want something really special....

This is a great sauce (Hit me Fred) on Pulled pork BUT it can go through a real Mark 9:1-8 if you had your favorite Jackie Wilson, Taste of Honey, Neil.... your's won't coem out color wise but it taste good, pectin or other sweetner. GREAT on ribs. Glorius. But my itself its good for slaw or potato salad (mix more mayo if you want or try it just like it is) and also a good grilling medium on chix.

I will be using it on my top secret video recipe due out soon if neil can keep a secret.

Neil I let you cite the Biblical reference.
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