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Originally Posted by Barbarian View Post
Thanks for the dictionary.
I think maybe all this funk needs to be translated into a couple more languages,
country and hard rock. Maybe southern rockabilly would be good to. Maybe there is a computer program out there that will automatically translate the funk into country or funk into rock.

Great info just hard to read.
I bit about my strange ways... It was more of a tip off out of respect to the MEMBERS of the brethren than to exclude them.

You see I like to share my funk but don't think it should be given away to anyone on the net without earning it. In essence, if you say, want easy answers, get a cookbook. But if you want a few tips that are useful you will have to bend to my wavelength. You don't dig the waves (Kelly's Heros reference) I am sorry, its the way I roll baby.

But since some of the brethren have jumped on board and shared, y'all help each other out. This can only been seen in the brethren archives once some time passes. So if anyone HAS to try my rub or something they could figure it out. My videos also help out, teach a few things but leave some things out... like when Neil says he uses P...............whoooooah almost had you there huh?

Of course its also in fun too. And the fun is how bent outta shape some people get that profess not to give a ****. Whatever peanut butters their jelly.

You know when I picked up a few things at Kruez market bussing tables long ago and at angelos long ago, I didn't tell them to turn off the Hank Williams (Salt) and George Jones (pepper) music so I could dig what they were letting me in on.
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