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Originally Posted by JD McGee View Post

Remember... HONESTLY, you do NOT eat with your eyes first.

I wife does...If I see two plates side by side with the same entree...I'm going for the better presented of the two. Same with turn in boxes for comps...if presentation is not important...why have them?

Anyonme want to challenge that statement??????????????

You eat with your NOSE first in BBQ, Popcorn, Bread... coffee too. I have watch deli sales plummet when one of my meats was taken off being sold off the steam table (where people can smell it when they walk in) to being prepared piecemeal by nuking it on order. Plummet! The reason the manager did it... they did it purposely to balance the penetration of my product to theirs. In other words people used to come to have a tuna sandwich then when they smelled the Q when they walked in they changed their mind. By getting rid of the smell of my product people simply ordered more of theirs.

Unless there is a poster on the wall further from the smell... you begin glorifying the dish with your nose before you even see it.

The little diddy "eat with your eyes first" was to get you sold on Garnishing... which was a plot created in the late 90's by the folks that brought you the single bullet, single gunman theory and the Garnish growers of America.
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