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In reply to Funk's above post...

And one thing about Paul Kirk (admirable Talent for sure).


If your using his rubs and techniques, and are not satisfied with the product entirely... then maybe you are wishing to exceed his brisket.... which is entirely possible. He would laugh at this for sure.

Always looking to improve...

Remember, competition briskets are made to impress the judges after having about 1 or 2 square inches (what they average to taste). You have to wow the judge often with only the pretty little shaving of flat meat you present.

Not looking to impress the judges pallets...just my wife's! Hers is a bit more discerning!

A plate of good brisket (point/flat/and burnt end or two) that you get from a joint satisfies on many different levels.


Remember... HONESTLY, you do NOT eat with your eyes first.

I wife does...If I see two plates side by side with the same entree...I'm going for the better presented of the two. Same with turn in boxes for comps...if presentation is not important...why have them?

Anyonme want to challenge that statement??????????????

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