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Originally Posted by barbefunkoramaque View Post
Thanks Neil

I will say this about my rub... there's some Don Cornelius Seed in it. Brush and brush, those little devils won't get entirely outta your mouf until you use a waterpic.

Days later I will pick out a tiny seed and the flavor of Don Cornelius Pops out. Of course when you taste the rub all at once you can't tell Don is there... but when that little seed comes out later... you know at least THAT is in it.

I thought you didn't like the Tina Turner in my rub Neil? Thought "it doesn't bring much to the table" (according to my records of our conversations).
I ran out of my Cluckin' Sunshine (chicken Rub) and Brand New Funk (Rib Rub) and didn't have ingredients at the market to make more. I took the Butt Glitter Sprinkle as a backup and it worked great.
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