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Default Please correct or confirm my thought process

I am kind of new to the catering world. I did about 4 jobs last year and also sell butts on ocassion to people. So far I have not made any money to speak off. So for 2009 this is my thoughts.

Catering for 50 people minimum (charge wise) If I figure 1/2lb cooked pulled pork per person, 50lbs raw pork current price here is $1.29 per lb x 50lbs=$64.50 I figure between wood, charcoal, rub, sauce, tin pans, foil, misc supplies I'll have another $50 cost. Making my cost on a group of 50 people $2.30 per person. I think it is worth at least $300 in my pocket after cost to go throught the entire prep,cook, serv and clean up process (correct me if wrong hi or low), and at least worth $100 to pull my pit somewhere in the county to set up on site for a party. This would bring the minimum total for an on site for pulled pork to $515 or $10.30 per person. Then I figure for sides I would charge $1.50 per side per person. Drink standard would be tea & lemonade for $1.00 per person. Dessert at $1.50 per person for most desserts. Bringing the total per person for the whole shibang to $15.80 per person with two sides.

Could I get some opinions from you more experienced people on where or if my thought process is wrong. It sounds high to me but what do people pay to have a fully catered BBQ? I thought if things go good I would get further into catering i.e catering trailer, insurance, business license and so forth. What do you think?
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