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Originally Posted by Bigmista View Post
I don't use sugar in my brisket rub either and I have been getting awesome results using the tri-level rub.

Side note: I used some butt glitter sprinkle on some brined chicken today and the ladies tore it up!
Thanks Neil

I will say this about my rub... there's some Don Cornelius Seed in it. Brush and brush, those little devils won't get entirely outta your mouf until you use a waterpic.

Days later I will pick out a tiny seed and the flavor of Don Cornelius Pops out. Of course when you taste the rub all at once you can't tell Don is there... but when that little seed comes out later... you know at least THAT is in it.

I thought you didn't like the Tina Turner in my rub Neil? Thought "it doesn't bring much to the table" (according to my records of our conversations).

My rub was designed to give more background to my stuff, I add more salts for beef, sugars (late) for ribs at times. Or pepper.

I could START A ****E WAR and say that certain championship Qers we may or may have not talked about purposely leave out correct salt amounts in their rub for this reason... the salt they add INFORMALLY will then set their same exact rub you may be using into another world.

For instance.... I noticed this once with a Mikeska Recipe that Bobby Flay videod then put on the site. The quantities are completely different.

I have seen Milroy's do it too.

Neil, you like it now HUH?


Don't use fine grains of salt when doing this.... (just salt and pepper I mean)
Rubbing in this case is encouraged!!! Ignore that pesky pore's argument. How should you rub.... Imagine you are trying to use sand to rough up the surface of a piece of wood. Rub it into all those crevices.

Hee hee hee

Ratios.... I have never made a brisket too salty using coarse salts. even at 2 to 1

Okay... here I post again
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