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There isn't enough love to express how I feel about your project.

A few tips are:

Go Ahead and do your precooks and wrap those briskets and get you a good amount frozen up precooked and frozen. Never run out... keep some frozen on standby or at least thawed. More on this later.

Keep your pit heat at Rib or chicken level and warm those puppies up in the section. IF THERE IS TIME I used to have a series of TWO 4 inch deep flats with a custom rack that I would use alternatively.

When one brisket was being cut, the most heated through of the brisket was unwrapped (cut) drained into the pan and placed on the rack to let the bark set up again in the smoke.

When you need another brisket the one you did earlier is ready and you simply repeat the process. unwrap, drain, bark it up.

Now about freezing and stocking up. Always print out on your menu a family meal and plant those seeds to your customers (in print, my word of mouth) that you have entire briskets (or portions) pre packaged and for sale with sides with reheating instructions in case they need a night off for cooking or want to take some to a work function the next day.

whats not sold.... you keep.... its frozen and ready for the next time.

I used to have a safe amount cooked for event that day and a frozen back up for "take home sales."

I preferred frozen back ups because I was not comfortable with handing them a 35 degree brisket with my sticker on it that may sit in the car a few hours.

Pork butts too but pull the bone before vacuum packing.

Sides.... "You want Potato Salad? Heres a bag of Chips." LOL
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