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Originally Posted by JD McGee View Post
Funk...if I'm following your recommend more salt (as a flavor carrier) than anything else. If that is the case how can we achieve the awesome bark shown in Wayne's brisket pic (not knowing his ingredients) without a sugar based rub or mop?
Rule # 12 from my Ramblings Of A Briskateer is:

Never use sugar in your brisket rub .... I was taught not to use a sugar based rub, and that is one thing I have stuck with.

So, I know for sure I didn't have any sugar on it.....I can't say for sure what I used on that particular brisket but I can tell you this.....My choice of seasoning is very basic and I apply it 2 or 3 hours before cooking. I've never actually measured the amounts. (although recently, I've been getting some pointers as to the ratio from a guy in the know ) As a minimum seasoning I use fine grind canning or sea salt, coarse black pepper, and cayenne. (if this is mixed ahead of time and stored in a Mason jar something special happens, it's better than just sprinkling on the ingredients separately). Adding granulated garlic and sometimes granulated onion (my favorite being the toasted granulated onion from Penzey's) is the next option.

My next choice for seasoning is a Smokey Hale mixture of

1 cup coarse sea or kosher salt
cup granulated garlic
cup granulated onion
1/8 cup ground thyme
1/8 cup ground bay
1/8 cup black pepper
1/8 cup celery seed
1/8 cup Hungarian paprika

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