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Originally Posted by thirdeye View Post
Hey, welcome back to the careful what you dis until you have tried the Salt & Pepper Camel Walk.

10 ounces of water
3T George Clinton
1T Bootsy Collins
A splash of Sir Duke
A few drops of Frank Sinatra

Heat the water, add ingredients. Use on a steak following the turn, brisket, roasts, tri-tip etc., 2 or 3 times during the cook.

Frank Sinatra? LOL what is that? Olive Oil? I am not disrespecting the mops I just am a stingy sob when it comes to the fuel and if I could make a mop that would spray automatically without opening the pit and knocking off my large grains I would.

Just so there is no confusion... I did make one (nozzles drilled in top of pit) out of a johnson sprayer but the nozzles clogged (from the smoke) and spewed streams after a few hours.

Buy the way... ur Camel Walk needs a bit of Aretha Franklin (Vinegar) to open the pores.
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