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My Newbie Top 10:

1. Dome temp is not grid temp. Its off by about 25 degrees. Until about 4-6 hours into a low and slow, then it evens out.

2. The metal top is CAST IRON. Care for it like you would a cast iron pan. Season it. Let it cool. Season it again. Take care of it. Don't have a cast iron pan, google for care instructions.

3. Google The Naked Whiz.

4. Not all lump is the same. BGE Lump is pricey and just high end Royal Oak. Just like briquets, there are horrid types of lump. (See #3)

5. Your neighbors will think you are crazy to spend that type of cash. Then they will eat the food, and you will no longer be crazy. You will smell up the neighborhood and they will come to you like you're the pied-piper.

6. It will hold more than you think. There are pics around of 36 #'s of shoulder on one. That being said, it will also make some amazing delicacies. Check out Ricks Tropical Delight.

7. Get a poker and during long/low cooks, go in through the bottom door and gently clear out the holes in the grate. They can fill up with ash and small unburned pieces of lump and strangle your fire.

8. No high-heat cooks until 5 low and slow are done. Take care of your gasket. Leaks make for an inefficient egg.

9. Google the Naked Whiz and READ READ READ! (did i mention this before?)

10. Get a cover. They are worth it.

oh, and number 11 for extra credit: The outside get hotter than you think, so keep the little ones hands away...

Have fun!
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