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Originally Posted by OC PIG ASSASSINS View Post
I guess farmers markets out here are different. I would never be able to sell food and have them sit down and eat it. Our markets are people coming and basically grocery shopping. I am going to approach a local farmers market and see what they think about the idea of selling food there.
Check it out man, our market last fall actually cleared a spot just so people had a place to sit, and it was their idea!

Originally Posted by HeSmellsLikeSmoke View Post
I am going to do the actual smoking off-site. At first with three WSMs and Two SnP Pros. Will add USDs as soon as I can to replace all of those and add a few more as needed. If things go really well, I would then get into a large cabinet smoker such as a Spicewine.

I intend to transport the smoked meat to the market in cambros and pull out meat as needed into the holding pit which is mostly for smoke and show - probably one of the SnP Pros at first. Cooper's smokes in the various pits they have in the yard, and then bring the smoked meat to the "selling pit" that you walk by to see the meat they cut for your order. This is a similar concept.
So your plan is to stay up ALL night the night before your market and cook and then sell food all day?
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