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Teams do not vend. You either have an invitation to a private party only tent or you know someone at the tent that can get you in. There is a "public" tent for you to purchase BBQ if you don't have a connection to one of the private deals. This is the only cook-off that I do for this team. The Willis Group. They have sent about 4-5K invitations to their employees and customers for their tent only. We will serve food to probably 3-4K people in 3 days. It is a huge deal to be able to cook and compete in this event. Rules follow IBCA for the most part. We are taking about 120 Packer Briskets, 15 cases of Chicken Breast, 60 Cases of Sausage, 20 Cases of Potatoe Salid, and 9 cases of Cole Slaw. This company will spend about 40-50K to be a part of this event. We occupie 3 spaces toghether so we can cook 3 entries. One each for Brisket, Chicken, Spare Ribs. I was able to make the table 2 years ago and plced 7th out of 109 chiecken entries. BTW that chicken was cooked on a UDS in the beer can style over Sams Choice Briquets. (No I am not lieing about that) I will probably focus more on the brisket this year and let 2 of my other cooks handle the chicken and ribs. I have been working on a cabinet type smoker that will run like a UDS untill I get a charcoal chute built for it. If I get it far enough along to take fire I might bring it too.
Before you ask I do not have any photos of any of this because "what happens at rodeo stays at rodeo".

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