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Originally Posted by Sledneck View Post
WHat is the deal with that contest? I read in the rules that it is an invitational or go texan whatever that is/ DO the teams vend?
I describe it to people as a combination of MIM and Mardi Gras on steroids. The corporate parties rival those on the dark side at the Royal, at least, and in some cases take it to a new level. HLSR is exclusive, because it can be. Everybody and their brother wants to cook it at least once, if they are from Texas. Allegedly, you can buy your way in....but the price I've heard is steep (10k). I know somebody that hasn't been able to cook for two years, but continues to pick up the bills and send somebody to cook for him to preserve the spot.

Zilla and Texana recently won a qualifier that got them into HLSR, the Royal, and the draw for the Jack. I suspect if you asked them which one they were more excited about it would be HLSR.

Skip a trip to Florida and come down next year. I'll even buy you a hat. You just have to sleep in your own room
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