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The idea of a fund raiser is to raise funds. If you are just cooking meat it is hard to raise funds. I would suggest cooking beans, making a salad and some sort of bread also. Set up a buffet table with plates and silverware on one side and then line up your dishes by lowest cost first----usually it is salad then bread, then beans and lastly meat. Make plenty of salad and beans and bread---the goal is to have a full plate before they get to the meat.

Let the people dish up their own side dishes, make sure there is plenty of the inexpensive dishes. Then last on the table are chafing trays of pork and beef---which you serve. Sauces spices, condiments etc are the last thing on the table.

Many times at fund raisers---the people organizing it want you to just cook meat.
THIS IS A BIG MISTAKE! I have learned the hard way----people organizing fund raisers often do not know the details of serving many people---so things go wrong. I cooked meat only at a function like this---cooking proudly with my name proudly displayed on my BBQ pit. They ran out of salad --they ran out of bread, and they ran out of plates. All of the people in line for food were looking at me and my name----and very unhappy.

From now on when I cook-----I cook everything or I cook nothing---I do not want a bad side dish or not enough food to ruin my reputation---when all I volunteered to do was cook the meat.

Leftover meat at fund raisers is always auctioned off. I always take lots of foil and zip lock bags.
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