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Originally Posted by Divemaster View Post
I'm sure that Bubba's going to sound off soon, but I have a couple of questions...

Are you serving or is it a serve your self? If your serving, you can control the portions and keep it toward the Oz area... if you're not serving I think I would plan on 6oz... I did not think of that...probably serve yourself

Are you looking at a 50%/50% mix between brisket & Pork? Yes

Is there going to be any other foods there that would compete with your food? I do not know yet...I don't think so...was thinking about making up a pot of beans and some coleslaw for sides...unless there will be food brought in by others.

Are you serving sandwiches or just on a plate? I will provide buns so if they want sammies, they can have them

They should be able to give you a half way decent number a week before... I would then add an additional 10% for extras. I would always rather have extra than not enough...

I would also plan on just making an extra butt and extra brisket for the auction... This meat I would have already pulled and sliced, cryo-sucked, and frozen so they don't have to worry about it when the winning bidder gets home. They can just put it in the freezer. That's what I was planning on doing. I've got a great source for the heavy-duty shipping styro-coolers so that is covered.
Hope this helps...
Thanks for the insight...any and all is appreciated!
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