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Default Got my first real gig (Charity)...

I found out about a month ago that a college friend and roomie from 20 years ago has some real serious cancer and has been going through hell trying some experimental chemo. I also found out that his family and friends were organizing an auction to raise money for his medical bills. I haven't seen him for about 15 years, as we lost touch, but with this news, found he is only about an hour away. I got in touch with him and then the gal putting this together and volunteered to provide and smoke some butts and briskets to serve at the auction and then to do an extra butt and brisket to be auctioned off. She said they would love for me to do that...

The problem is they don't have any idea how many will show up and she would get back with me later...the auction is on March 14th, so I have some time, but I'm getting a little nervous. I'm thinking between 50 & 100. I will probably plan for 100 plus the extra an extra brisket and butt for the auction.

If anyone has any suggestions in regards to preparing for the unexpected for your first catering gig...please share them with me...I don't want this to be a disaster....

I plan on smoking everything at my house, then wrapping and coolering the butts and briskets to be pulled and sliced at the auction. I will also throw together some fatties and moink balls for appetizers to be smoked at the site. I'm figuring 4-6 ozs of meat (butt or brisket) per person.

Again, any suggestions or warnings about pitfalls would be greatly appreciated.

And THANKS in advance for your suggestions!

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