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Originally Posted by YankeeBBQ View Post
The reason I cook under different names is I feel it would be disrespectful for me to compete as I Smell Smoke if none of the other team members were there. All that we have accomplished we have accomplished together as a team. But that's just me.
Similar issue for me... The HoDeDos were cooking contests before there was a KCBS... I'm the second generation. So When the crew is together we cook as HoDeDos. Lots of history there, and a little different attitude/atmosphere than when I am out with the family as Smoke on Wheels. They don't cook nearly as much as they used to and I needed a way to cook more. Same thought process Steve. I don't think it is fair to cook under the HDD name when I'm not with them... and over the last several years, we've built a whole new set of memories/history as smoke on wheels. So I wouldnt give that up either...

honestly, I dont care what they use to track things - just so long as I know the rules I have to live by. I've made it the last several years splitting amongst multiple names, so its all good to me either way. It would be kinda cool to have it all roll up under one member number though.
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